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Web Content is King!

isolated modern laptop with lots of dollar money overflowWeb content is the stuff of your web site–graphics, videos, and in particular, writing.  While you may think this is a more important consideration for blogs, home pages, and other non-commercial ventures, there are several reasons why you should give it some serious thought when building your online business presence; in fact, a common saying among web professionals has it that “content is king”.

What exactly is web content?

Web content is writing or other media that you place on your web site.  It adds flavor to your site, and engages the interest of your customers.  It may include product descriptions, information related to your product, or even simple materials that your target audience might find entertaining.

Web content differs from copywriting in that it isn’t inherently persuasive; while copywriting makes an overt effort to convince your customers to buy, web content more often entertains or informs them.  In essence, it increases the value of your web site to the consumer by providing additional services–usually at no cost to them.  So what purpose does it serve in a commercial web site?

Appearance matters–both offline and on!

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, you already know the value of presentation.  Do you pile all your merchandise against the walls of a bare warehouse, without any shelving, organization, or decoration, and expect your customers to sift through it to find what they want?  Of course not; you display your products in an attractive and easy-to-find manner, with similar products and related promotional materials placed nearby.  If you own a clothing store, you probably display your products on mannequins, and if you sell produce, you may even offer fliers with recipe ideas.

Appearance is just as important to online businesses; the only difference is that the possibilities and rewards are even greater.  The Internet allows us to engage shoppers in hundreds of ways at once.  Take a look at any successful ecommerce site; visitors to BarnesandNoble.com can view product descriptions, reviews (both by readers and critics), and even author interviews.  Web content like this generates a lot of interest in the product–and would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to offer in a physical store.

Web content doesn’t just engage customers who are already at your site; it also attracts them.  Having diverse web content written with good SEO techniques provides more points of entry for customers by allowing your site to appear in more search results.  For example, imagine that your business sells plants and garden supplies.  While you may get some traffic from Internet users searching “buy tomatoes”, “how to grow tomatoes” is a much more popular search term.  With some simple informational content like this, your site can attract a whole new market segment that may not have even realized your site existed!

What is article writing?

Article writing is similar in purpose to web content, but differs in a few key respects.  Whereas web content will be an enduring feature of your site–you’ll want to keep it up indefinitely–articles are more periodical in nature.  They’re usually dated, and new ones are posted at least semi-regularly.  Older articles are typically archived, while the newer ones are displayed more prominently.

While article writing requires more ongoing work, it extends the benefits of web content in a variety of new directions.  Although you can post articles on your own site, their true value lies in the ability to post them to others–ezines, blogs, and so on.  A search engine optimized article that refers back to your site can appear in hundreds of online publications, increasing your exposure exponentially.

With so much to offer, it’s little wonder that “content is king” on the Internet.  The investment you put into web content can pay off over a hundredfold, so get in touch with iMarketing Solutions Australia to set up an free consultation (valued at $197).  Our qualified professionals have the experience and the know-how to make your site shine above the competition, so don’t wait:  contact us today!

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