Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing:  A New Dimension in Advertising

Viral Marketing Spreads The WordHave you ever received an email from a friend with a link to a site you’ve never heard of, that you checked out anyway?  Or maybe seen an ad for a site on TV that didn’t give you many details, but was so intriguing that you couldn’t help looking it up–and telling your friends about it?  If so, then you serve as an example of why viral marketing is such an amazing advertising tool.

Spread your message like the plague

Viral marketing makes use of existing social networks to spread your message; it not only gets people interested, it makes them want to share it with others.  Although it’s a new term, the concept has been around for quite awhile; Amway and Avon are both examples of companies that have successfully implemented viral marketing strategies to increase their sales.  The communication capabilities of the Internet, however, have elevated the potential for viral marketing exponentially.

The premise of viral marketing is not just exposing an audience to your message, but actively encouraging the audience to expose others.  This can be achieved by offering sign up bonuses or other benefits; increasingly, however, companies are using entertainment as a means to attract consumers.  Viral marketing can take many forms, including games, text messages, and email, but the most common, and most effective, medium is video, both for its popularity and ease of transmission.  Hundreds of online services permit users to share videos with one another, empowering viral marketing campaigns to reach millions of viewers within weeks.

A virus you don’t need the cure for

Viral marketing offers tremendous benefits.  By putting the public to work for you, it allows you to reach an enormous audience with a minimum investment; your advertisement can spread cheaply, or even for free, simply by word of mouth.  This is especially true if you use social marketing alongside viral marketing.  Trends on social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook catch like wildfire–and turning your ad into one of these trends is an easy, cost-effective way to improve SEO, by spreading links back to your site all across the Internet.

While it’s true that viral marketing doesn’t allow you to target your specific audience as effectively as other techniques, the sheer numbers it can reach more than make up for its lack of focus.  Think of viral marketing as a trawling net:  even though you can’t target specific fish with it, you’ll still pull in more of them than you will with a hook and line.  Moreover, particularly popular viral marketing campaigns may be covered by blogs, online magazines, or even traditional media like newspapers, increasing your exposure even further–and again, for free.

The promotional possibilities of viral marketing are endless, and it only takes some initiative and an email to get started.  So contact iMarketing Solutions Australia for a free consultation (valued at $197).  Whatever media you prefer to work with–text, Flash, or video from our own in-house studio–we can create the perfect viral marketing campaign for your business needs.  Viral marketing can provide your web site with a truly astonishing level of exposure, so don’t miss out:  contact us today!

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