Video Marketing

Video Marketing: Show Them What They’re Missing!

film slate with clipping pathIt’s easy to see that video is the fastest growing online medium.  As web browsing software has advanced, and more and more consumers obtain high-speed Internet access, online video media has exploded from a very small niche into a standard of web site design.  Here are several ways that video marketing can dramatically increase your conversion rates.

Show and tell!

There’s a reason TV has become so much more popular than books:  if given the option, most people would rather watch a video presentation than read.  Video marketing opens up a vast array of possibilities that aren’t possible with text.  You can demonstrate your product, inform users about it, and drive the sell home with visual points and graphics, in a way that is much more engaging than plain text.

You can use video marketing to enhance all areas of your site.  For example, a short video can teach visitors how to use your site’s services.  Content videos can add flavor and entertainment value; if your business is selling modeling supplies, for example, videos that offer model building advice and techniques could generate significant additional traffic.  Even if your site has substantial text content–and it should–videos can augment your performance by providing interesting and relevant content in a format that users prefer.

Advertising across platforms

Video marketing also allows you to diversify your marketing approach.  All major search engines now offer video search options, and of course, your site won’t appear in video searches unless it contains videos.  In much the same way that textual web content works for you, video content–which should also be created using sound SEO principles–can significantly increase your search engine exposure, and attract thousands of potential customers.

Moreover, video marketing can be used to tremendous effect alongside social marketing.  Many social networking sites allow you to post video content; YouTube is, of course, the most well known, but Myspace and others have followed suit.  By distributing video content through social media, you can easily and effectively spread the word about your business to millions of potential customers worldwide.

Should I just put some video from my web cam on my site?

Of course not. You need professional web video production. The videos on your site have to be done right. They have to convey: professionalism, friendliness, warmth and honesty. They also have to follow the basic rules of copywriting in order to persuade your visitors into buying. Do you think you can do all this with just a web cam?

Although you may be put off by the idea that web video production is time and labor intensive, today’s technology makes it easier than ever before.  And even better, iMarketing Solutions Australia can handle the whole process for you.  We possess a state-of-the-art in-house studio, and extensive experience in web video production, which we combine with expertise in SEO and online marketing techniques.  Several successful sites have benefited from our video marketing services, and you can too, so visit our contact page to set up a free consultation (valued at $197).  It’s no risk to you, and it could make the difference between a site that sells and a site that sinks.  Contact us today!

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