Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: The Wave of the Future

Get People talkign About Your BusinessIf you’re not using social media marketing to advertise your web site, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.  The social media industry has exploded over the past decade, creating a revolutionary new way for businesses to get the word out about their products and services.  As the fastest growing online marketing medium, social marketing can help your business reach millions of potential customers, and target your audience in ways that simply aren’t possible with other marketing methods.  Ignoring this important new field puts you at a serious disadvantage.

What is all this social marketing stuff, anyway?

You’ve probably heard a lot of terms like “blogosphere”, “social networking”, and “Facebook” thrown around within the past few years.  But if you still think a “tweet” is something a bird does, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Social marketing makes use of social media–a blanket term for web sites whose content is primarily created by users, rather than the businesses that run them.  Also known as social networking sites, they allow users to share information with each other in various ways.

Social media takes a variety of different forms.  Blogs and discussion forums are the most traditional types of social media, but the field has advanced considerably to include sites like Myspace and Facebook, which allow users to create a profile and link to other profiles through a “friends list”.  More specialized sites like YouTube allow users to share specific media across the site (in this case, video), or to share news and links to other web sites, as is the case with Digg and Delicious, respectively.  The industry continues to develop and expand; Twitter, a “micro-blogging” site that allows users to send messages both to friends and its entire online community, experienced growth rate of 1382% in February 2009 alone!

How does social marketing increase my exposure?

Social marketing works like traditional advertising and old-fashioned word of mouth combined.  To illustrate, suppose you create a Facebook account for your business, with which you can solicit fans and customers to join your friends list.  Not only can you inform the individuals on your friends list of new products and special offers; the people on their friends lists will see your business listed on their friends profiles.  Even if you only have a few hundred friends, your exposure can easily grow into the millions–and keep growing, as long as you keep adding friends.

One of the best features of social marketing is that it allows you to find your clients–those consumers and businesses who have a keen interest in your industry or niche.  If you sell organic produce, you can post comments on blogs related to health and wellness.  If you sell books, you can search for literature fans on Myspace, and send them friend requests.  The possibilities are practically endless.

The power to build an enormous social network, tailored to the market segment that best suits your business, makes social marketing a tremendous asset to your broader Internet marketing strategy.  So don’t wait:  contact iMarketing Solutions Australia now for your free consultation (valued at $197).  One simple phone call puts you in touch with highly qualified social marketing experts–professionals who can expand your online presence no matter what stage it’s in, and keep you on top of this fast-growing industry.  It’s always best to get in on the ground level, so don’t let your business become outpaced by the growth of social marketing:  contact us today!

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