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Don’t Just Get A Website… Get Discovered!

SEO Web DesignIf your website is not being listed on search engines, then you’re missing out on a lot of business. Google has already overtaken yellow pages when it comes for searching for local business providers and the trend is only going to grow.

If you’re not being found on the search engines, then it’s likely you didn’t have an SEO web design. A lot of web designers out there know how to make great looking websites that Google can’t see. This is usually due to bloated or sloppy code or the excessive use of flash. All SEO website designers know that search engines don’t recognize flash.

I Need To Improve My Search Rankings Now!

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process of optimizing your site and the inbound links so that the search engine will associate it with a specific topic. So if you were to run an automotive shop, you might want to come up in the search engines when users search ‘new ford dealer Sydney’. All this is possible with the help of some basic SEO principles.

As web designers it’s our job to ensure that the code in your site is created so that Google recognizes it. The problem with a lot of websites is that search engines will scan through the site and won’t find what the web page is about because the code is just too clunky.

That’s why we aim at getting this right from the start. We don’t even separate our projects into SEO and non-SEO projects. Every website we design we ensure it’s clean and clear enough that search engines can identify the main theme straight away.

It’s Like Having Your Store In A Busy Street… For Free!

The great thing about search engine traffic is that it’s free. So you get lots of customers visiting your site and buying your products or services without having to invest in marketing. The only thing that search engines really crave for is good quality content. That’s why we review the content written by our clients and ensure that it’s search engine friendly.

You need to get your website done right from the start. Since we are SEO experts as well as web designers, we see so many people coming to us that want to improve their results in the search engines, but they don’t even have a good website for it. That generally creates two issues:
1) Search engines will not find and list your site; and
2) Even if they do list your site, visitors will not convert into sales.

That’s why we’ve taken our skills one step further. We worked harder than anything else to become experts in online sales. We’ve created many websites that are targeted just at selling online. It’s pointless to get lots of visitors to your site if they don’t result into money in your pocket. So we worked hard to find the good mix of SEO and sales content to make your website as successful as it can be.

Many Have Benefited from SEO Web Design – and You Can Too!

Have a look at some of our clients websites and you’ll see where they are placed in the Search Engines.

  • on for ‘meeting women’
  • www.flirtbodylanguage.com1st page on for ‘body language’
  • on for ‘failed credit score’ – after only 1 week!
  • – #1 on for ‘mortgage broker Burwood’
  • on for ‘Cheap Magazines’

And much more! Check our portfolio yo see some of our designs.

Don’t Break the Bank to Get an SEO Website Design

In order to provide you with the quality you deserve and still make websites affordable, we have come with the following solutions for your SEO Web Design:

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