Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO and What it Does for Your Web Site

SEO Gets Results!If you’ve done much research on Internet marketing, you’ve probably seen quite a bit of the acronym SEO.  What exactly is SEO, and what does it mean for your company?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it can spell a huge improvement in site traffic for your organization.  By ensuring a high ranking in search results lists, SEO draws more viewers to your web site–which, in turn, exposes a broader segment of the market to your products or services.

Appear in results–get results!

SEO works for you by presenting your web site’s information in a way that makes sure search engines will match it with appropriate searches.  Most search engines, including industry leaders like Yahoo! and Google, use automated software to browse web sites and retrieve information from them.  This information is then mathematically matched with the search terms users type in when they perform a search.  Sites that match highly with the search terms appear higher in the results list.  Studies show that the higher a site appears in a results list, the more likely a user is to visit it; in fact, users almost never browse beyond the third page of a results list.  This means that neglecting SEO can cost your site thousands of new visitors per day!

What does SEO entail?

Search engine optimizers use a variety of techniques to increase site traffic, which may include slight modifications to the content or HTML code, as well as directing search engine software to the pages of your site most likely to attract the intended audience.  Simple moves like these make the difference between your site appearing on the first page of a results list and the fortieth, which makes SEO a vital part of any successful Internet marketing strategy–as countless businesses have already discovered.

Be aware, however, that not all SEO is created equal.  Unethical, or “black hat”, SEO practices may prevent you from reaching your target market by causing your site to appear in completely unrelated searches; they may even result in search engines banning your site completely.  Which is why you should stick to trusted, experienced SEO professionals.  iMarketing Solutions Australia has SEO expertise, experience, and analysis tools that many of our competitors just can’t offer.  Because we’re ahead of the competition, we can put you ahead of the competition.  So don’t settle for mediocre web traffic any longer; contact us today for a free consultation (valued at $197) to discuss how we can attract new customers to your business!

What Our Search Engine Optimisation has Already Done For Others:

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