Top 5 Landing Page Design Tricks To Sell More

Landing Page DesingCreating a landing page design that sells more should be your concern when you really want to make money with your internet business.  A design that is optimized for sales conversion shall increase the profitability of your business.  Here are the top five (5) design tricks for a landing page that sells more.

Ease of Navigation

An effective landing page that sells more is a page that is easy to navigate.  Although it is the page where you are supposed to convert your target audience as your real customers, it is a big help for your customers to quickly and easily navigate through the pages of your website to make them decide in your favor.  If you make it complicated for your target audience to navigate through the page, you are most likely to lose their favor and their business.

Simple Yet Attractive

It’s not sufficient that your landing page is easy to use or navigate.  It should also be able to carry the professional look that will attract your target audience to the page.  A professional look should not be construed to an elaborate design.  It helps that you keep the design simple yet attractive enough to capture the attention of your target audience.  You may maximize the use of texts, images, as well as the white space all of which should lead your target audience to your offer.

Short But Sweet

Since the landing page is where you are to convert your target audience into your actual customers, it pays that you keep your message short but sweet.  Put your call to action or offer above the fold for convenience of your target audience.  Do not tire your target audience or lose their interests and momentum to respond to your call to action favorably with lengthy messages.  Your landing page design should carefully consider how and where your call to action or offer is written and positioned.

Essential Tweaks

Aside from your offer or call to action, there are three (3) other areas where you can do the necessary tweaks to optimize your landing page to sell more.  These are the following: (1) the headline of your landing page; (2) the part where you list the benefits your target audience can get; and (3) images that correspond to your message.

The headline should compel your target audience to act on your offer as it clearly shows them in a few words what they can get or how they can benefit from your offer.  Somewhere in the body of the page the benefits should be bulleted to make it easy for your target audience to read them. Your corresponding images should be unique and exclusive to your business.

Finally, consider the overall look and usability of your landing page design.  You should subject it to testing and monitoring to see to it that the page is performing at its optimum.  Monitoring your page will enable you to continue your best practices and modify those that need improvement for higher conversion.

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