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The landing page is the most important aspect of a sales website. So you better make sure they’re done right. There is a big difference between a good landing page and a bad one: good landing pages make money, bad landing pages lose money!

A landing page is your store front and salesman. If you have a nice store front with no salesman your products won’t sell well. The opposite is also true. Whereas, if you have both, then your sales will keep multiplying.

There’s More than Meets the Eye…

Even if you have a nice looking website (store) and good copy (salesman), there are 2 major ares which most websites fail at:

  1. Entry path
  2. Sales Funnel

This is a common problem in a lot of websites, because web designers are more specialized in design and not in sales and marketing. So they create a website that doesn’t sell – it’s like creating a car that can’t be driven. What you should do instead is:

Make it Easy for Visitors to Find What They Want…

The first thing a landing page needs is a good entry path. The first step is to ensure that the page is properly optimized so that it’s easily searchable online. The best way to do this is to have multiple landing pages focused on different keywords. The more pages you have the more you can get ranked for different keywords.

Another benefit is that by making the pages more focused your conversion rates will be better since the visitor will be landing on a page that’s relevant to what they have searched. If you have a good offer and good copy, you will be converting visitors into sales in no time. Now you just have to ensure that your sales funnel works.

…And Even Easier for Visitors to Buy What They Want!

Once the visitor lands on your page, you have to make sure that you can convert them into a page. This involves writing copy that captures their attention and presenting a compelling offer so that they are inclined to purchase straight away.

You have to ensure that the path from the offer to sale is as smooth as possible, while still maximizing income.

A lot of websites fail because they have too many clicks between the sales page and the checkout and ask for too much unnecessary information. In addition, to reducing the time between purchase and buyer’s remorse you should add an upsell to maximize your profits from each transaction.

There are many other aspects you should cover in order to sell without ever speaking to the customer (or pre-sell to a lead). There are free trials, guarantees, testimonials, and much more. But if all of this seems too daunting for you, let us help!

Forget DIY: Get Affordable Landing Pages That Sell for You!

We cover all the aspects required for a good landing page, and provide all the services to make sure our landing pages take your business to new heights. These are:

  1. Web Design
  2. Copywriting
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Pay Per click
  5. Shopping Cart Setup
  6. Sales Conversion Optimization

We are experts in landing page sale optimization and SEO. So let us help you get your landing page up and running right away:

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