Keyword Research

Keyword Research:  A Comprehensive Approach

Market Research: A Comprehensive ApproachIt only makes sense:  if you want to be successful, you have to know the environment in which you do business.  This is why market research is an essential component of any business plan.  But today’s online market is a big place; are you getting all the information you need?

Online market analysis

Online business has its own share of challenges, and this needs to be taken into account in your marketing analysis.  In addition to more conventional considerations, online companies must weigh in factors specific to Internet commerce; factors like the state of web browser technology, the construction of your web site, and the many ways to increase site traffic.  Let’s look at a few key components of online market analysis.

Keyword analysis

In online marketing, keyword analysis is absolutely essential.  Without effective keywords, your site won’t appear in search results, and will receive limited exposure from pay per click advertising.  Do your keywords occur prominently and frequently in your site’s content?  Do they match up to the keywords customers enter in search engines when looking for your products?  Do you rely on the most popular search trends, which change almost daily, or is your site better served by keywords that maintain a consistently high level of popularity over time?

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is an important, and often overlooked, facet of marketing analysis even amongst offline businesses.  On the Internet, where you face competition from businesses all over the globe, foregoing competitor analysis can be fatal.  You need to know what other web sites in your industry are doing, what changes they’re making, their strengths and weaknesses.  If their prices are lower than yours, how can you compensate?  If they offer fast delivery, how can you offer faster delivery?

Profitability analysis

Internet access is just the first of the many costs incurred by running an online business.  From domain registration to advertising, making profitable financial decisions can quickly become confusing.  How much should you bid on a PPC network?  Can you write your site content yourself, or would it pay off to hire an SEO-qualified professional?

Quantitative vs. Qualitative

With all of these questions to address, it definitely makes sense to hire a market analysis professional, especially if you’re just breaking into ecommerce.  But how can you tell which market analyst is right for you?

There are a lot of businesses that offer market analysis services, but many of these report solely quantitative data, and leave the interpretation up to you.  A quantitative analysis alone is useless:  without a thorough understanding of the market, it’s meaningless at best, and misleading at worst.  It also fails to take into account non-quantifiable variables, such as an assessment of your competitors’ marketing strategies, or the delicate balance between SEO and well-written content.

This is why iMarketing Solutions Australia takes a combined approach to market research.  We provide you with the whole picture through quantitative and qualitative analysis–the facts and figures, as well as the sound judgment that can only come from experience.  We have the tools and the expertise to guide you through all of the situations that can arise in online business, whether you’re just starting out or an established pro.  In addition, we a offer free consultation (valued at $197), so get in touch with us today to discuss how we can keep you informed.  Call now!

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