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Email Marketing Done Right

Email Marketing Will Get You 10 Times More SalesIf you only engage in one marketing activity, it should be email marketing.  Email can be a powerful tool for attracting customers and drawing repeat business; in fact, industry experts estimate that email is second only to search engine marketing in effectiveness–and it’s also easier and less expensive.

What’s so great about email marketing?

Email marketing allows you to reach a large market in a short amount of time.  With the click of a button, you can send an email to all of your customers, and it will arrive within minutes, no matter their location.  This is a particular advantage when you want to inform customers about upcoming events, such as a sale; by promoting events on a short notice, you can generate much more interest.  Email is also one of the least expensive marketing media–with the abundance of free email providers out there, you can engage in email marketing for no more than the cost of your Internet connection.

With email, you don’t have to wait for customers to come across your advertising, because you send it directly to them.  Surveys demonstrate that over half of Internet users check their email at least once per day, so you can rest assured that your advertisements are being seen.  Email is also highly trackable; there are more numerous and more exact means of monitoring email than any other online marketing media.  You can use analytics alongside customer preferences and other information to tailor email marketing to each client; for example, by keeping track of a customer’s purchase history, you can use email to promote similar items to him or her.  This is a powerful cross selling technique, and will give you much greater success when pushing big ticket offers.

But isn’t spam illegal?

Yes, spam is illegal in most countries, and in addition to criminal fines, it may result in your site being shut down.  However, there’s a big difference between spam and legitimate email marketing; whereas spam is unsolicited, and may contain harmful viruses or spyware, marketing emails are sent only to individuals who want to receive them, and their only purpose is to inform customers about your products.

Taking a permission marketing approach to email marketing is a safe way to ensure that you’re not spamming.  By sending marketing emails only to customers who have given their consent, you can stay clear of spam accusations.  Moreover, it’s a more efficient use of your time and resources, as you can be sure that your advertising is going to consumers who are interested in your product.

With so many benefits and so few risks to email marketing, you’d be making a big mistake by not putting it to work for your business.  So contact iMarketing Solutions today to set up a free consultation (valued at $197).  We can create an email marketing solution perfectly crafted to suit your business.  From writing and HTML functionality to tracking and analysis, we’ve got it covered.  Don’t wait; contact us today!

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