Copywriting Gets Results!

Copywriting Is The Key To Success!What do billboards, magazine ads, and web sites all have in common?  If they effectively promote their product, the answer is copywriting–which is also the answer to your Internet marketing needs.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the textual side of advertising:  it’s the use of words to promote a business, product, or service.  Any time you see words used persuasively, be it in a printed advertisement, a direct mailing, a promotional flier, or on the Internet, it’s an example of copywriting.

Copywriting has been an essential element of marketing strategy practically since the dawn of written language.  There’s no more effective means of communication than the written word; in fact, studies show that audiences pay more attention to and retain more information from written messages than spoken ones.  All styles of advertising therefore must employ copywriting to get their point across.

What’s different about web copywriting vs. print copywriting?

The art of copywriting has changed throughout the ages, in order to adapt to new media and technologies.  Web copywriters have developed a number of specific skills to meet the demands of Internet marketing, in addition to those employed by traditional copywriters.

Aside from being able to create engaging, persuasive material that both informs customers about your product and convinces them to buy it, web copywriters must be knowledgeable about the rapidly advancing technology of the Internet.  They use this knowledge to attract more Internet users to your site, by increasing its ranking in search engine results and linking with other high-traffic web sites.  Web copywriters thus perform a dual advertising function:  they advertise your site, in order to draw more traffic, and they advertise your product.

What am I missing out on by not using copywriting services for my web site?

All businesses need advertisement, of course.  But with the sheer amount of information available on the Internet, it can be difficult to make sure that your message is reaching your market.  Web sites without effective copywriting are relegated to the back pages of search engine results; unless your site is receiving attention, it can easily become a liability, rather than an important marketing asset.

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