Commercial Web Design

Constructing Commercial Websites That Sell!

Commercial Website ConstructionIf you’re designing a commercial site, it means you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars, hire the biggest agency in the world and have the latest and coolest flash animation on your site, right? Or maybe you should the complete opposite and let your nephew who’s new to web design do it?

Both answers are wrong. You need a proper commercial web designer with commercial website expertise. Spending loads of money on your website might not achieve the results you want. Lots of commercial web designers out there know how to create awesome looking websites that don’t get discovered by search engines and worse, they are so confusing that the customers never end up buying from you.

Top Mistakes In Most Commercial Websites

There are some mistakes that commercial web developers do over and over again. If you want your website to really take off and make some serious money for you business you should avoid these:

  1. Lack of purpose – since your purpose is to make money, your website should be geared at achieving this.
  2. Not connecting with customers – your customers has a voice in his/her head. You should understand what they want and connect with them.
  3. Doesn’t collect leads – you should always try and get as many interested leads as you can. Building a good email list is essential for every business.
  4. Not giving something away – you can’t get something for nothing, if you want a lead’s email, give something away.
  5. Hard to contact – contact details should be easy to find. Have your number on top of every page for instance.
  6. No company details – have company details on the bottom with every page to build trust.
  7. Excessive use of flash – search engines can’t read flash. While flash can make your website look cool, it can also mean that search engines won’t see it.

If your current web designer isn’t doing all of these, then it’s time you talk to someone that does. We are experts at building commercial websites and we can help you build you website right from day one.

Will My Website Make More Money If It Looks Flash?

This is a common misconception. Some people believe that the website has to look really cool in order to make money. Others reckon it has to look simple. From our testing and experiments we have discovered that it can work for both sites. What really matters is having a good sales strategy on your site that ties in with any online and offline marketing your doing.

Of course we make your website look great, but there’s a balance between looking great and getting the customers to buy. You have to make the website look good enough so that customers feel comfortable, but also fill it with opportunities for customers to buy or sign up to buy later – often called a ‘shy yes’ – like giving you their email to receive specials and promotions.

The bigger the email list you build, the more interested customers you have to be able to email once you decide to roll out a new product or a special on existing products.

Don’t Overcomplicate

Here at iMarketing Solutions Australia, we’re all about keeping it simple. We make it simple for you and simple for your customers. That’s why we are the specialists in online sales. We know simplicity sells and we know how to make your commercial website sell more every day. We are prepared to prove it to you: we will give you a free consultation (valued at $197) to show you how we can improve the sales on your website today!

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