An effective sales page design doesn’t need to be complex. Most people try to create a website based on what they think looks attractive, hence, forgetting the fact that some of the viewers may not be that internet savvy and viewing the website just gets them confused instead of getting them interested with the product that or service that is featured. Here are some tips for designing sales pages for small businesses: The Title This is the first thing your customers will see... [ More ]

Despite their importance, people often make the mistake of using haphazard designs on their landing pages. This should definitely not be the case, because the landing page is a site’s final chance to make a mark on its readers and to convince them to take a certain action. Having a well-designed website will have very little use if your landing page lacks the necessary elements. For this reason, you need to ensure that you incorporate all the good elements of a landing page layout to that of your own site... [ More ]

Your landing page says a lot about your whole website. In addition to this, it is also one of the most important parts of your site, because it is the main page that attracts people to avail of your offerings. For this reason, it is important that you optimize it in such a way that it will get you the most amount of business possible. Make sure that you use these landing page copywriting tips in order to make the most out of your landing page content. Grab your readers’ attention For one, you need to ensure that you will grab people’s attention... [ More ]

It is important that your landing pages comply with the rules and regulations set by Google. To have an effective marketing strategy, you must abide by the rules set regarding Google Adwords Landing Page. It is important that you keep note of the changes when it comes to Google’s policies. This will assure you that you would be able to market effectively without any violations. You do not want to create a page that will eventually get banned right? It is important that you avoid making landing pages that will lead you to another landing page. This is usually penalized by Google... [ More ]

You are surfing the internet, then all of a sudden a box popped up with a message that you will get a free product, just click on the link on the box and register. Very familiar scenario, isn’t? Have you not wondered what this simple pop-up box contains? Like who made it, the purpose why it was made, and other things. A frequent internet user often uses the world wide web to search for different products and services. Most of the time, this user will find him or herself staying on the page only because of how the page appears... [ More ]

SEO landing pages are that part of your website where you can convert your leads or your traffic as your actual customers.  They can come in three (3) varieties like, reference, squeeze, and transactional landing pages.  These pages should be written with one goal in mind that is to increase conversion rate. How Significant Landing Pages Are Before you can write landing pages that convert, it is necessary that you understand how significant these pages are to your business.  Your landing page is the first experience of your traffic to your website... [ More ]

Creating a landing page design that sells more should be your concern when you really want to make money with your internet business.  A design that is optimized for sales conversion shall increase the profitability of your business.  Here are the top five (5) design tricks for a landing page that sells more. Ease of Navigation An effective landing page that sells more is a page that is easy to navigate... [ More ]