Small businesses are cashing in with social networking design With Internet traffic expected to quadruple by 2015, small businesses are using social web design to expand their marketing reach. Recent research suggests that social media will become a major component of all small business marketing by 2015. According to one survey by AMI, small businesses expect to increase their social media budgets in 2012 by 35%. In comparison, the overall rise in the marketing budget averages only 4% in the same survey... [ More ]

There’s little denying that social media marketing online can bring about a dynamic turn around in sales. More and more businesses are choosing to take advantage of online marketing, and for good reason. The digital community has grown significantly and social media has become a necessary tool for any business looking to keep up with the competition. An effective online marketing campaign doesn’t have to be tedious or complex, but it should be carried out with the consumer in mind... [ More ]

Using social web professionals gives you the advantage. An experienced social media marketing agency with a proven track record can help you compete on the fast growing social web. Businesses are expanding their marketing budgets in social media faster than in any other promotional sector. However, surveys have shown that most businesses still are not achieving results up to their expectations on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube... [ More ]

The new Internet has been redesigned by social media. It is now easier than ever to publicly vet a business, post a review, and share with friends the places that you love and enjoy. This is good news for a business with integrity, good products and services, and excellent customer service (a business like yours!) However, it is essential to know how to properly advertise your business in this new environment, to keep from missing customers that are rightfully yours... [ More ]

More companies should take advantage of some form of corporate social media. Communication is key in all areas of corporate business. A problem for most corporations is communicating with their customers. There are a number of areas where a corporation simply does not get that that customers are ultimately the ones responsible for growth, and therefore limit communications between itself and the outside world. In an era where transparency is something that companies should be striving towards, too many are seeing the ability to get a message out to its customer as a bad thing... [ More ]

There’s not much point to using the internet for official business if you haven’t got the foresight to stay on top of its trends. The web is well known for passing fads, and you need to make sure the marketing strategies you use engage users in a way they can readily understand. Videos, popular on user-generated content hubs like YouTube and social media outlets such as Facebook, are key to capturing and captivating audiences. By following these basics of video and online social media marketing, Sydney businesses have gone from being virtually unknown to becoming insanely popular... [ More ]

Anyone who’s been in the real estate business for a very long time fully understands the gross importance of presentation. If a house does not look appealing, even buyers who find it conforms to all the key points on their wish list will not be truly interested. Real estate brokers spend tons of money ensuring that the homes and offices they present look clean, open and fresh. The best brokers devote the same amount of careful attention to their online sales front by soliciting professional real estate website design... [ More ]

Uh-oh! You need to get online and quickly, but your budget dictates that cheap web design in Sydney is your best option. You can almost count the dollars slipping through your fingers as you attempt to make up for all the customers you’re losing to your more tech-savvy competitors, and it has to stop soon. The only problem is that you haven’t a clue where to start or even what you ought to be looking for... [ More ]

In the modern world, every small business owner knows that they need to have a website and some degree of web presence. Small business search engine optimization can help strengthen one’s web presence. Most businesses, even those who largely cater to a small crowd of repeat customers, have a website or a Facebook account where they tell the world who they are and what they sell. The thing is, simply placing oneself on the internet isn’t effective... [ More ]

A good ecommerce website design is the reason why people keep coming back to your company’s website. It is a process where you can conduct transactions and communications online. With a functional and attractive website, it has been proven that more profits are generated over fewer costs. A lot of major corporations are looking for a functional, user-friendly website that can attract customers and make transactions easier to handle. This type of website design is one of the most high-end and advanced technologies used to be ahead in business... [ More ]