A landing page is an advertising mechanism designed to change the usual ways of web designs for promotions. With meticulous measurement, sales experience and flow of understanding in websites, a well designed landing page can perform a rate of 200-300% over the home page of your website. Over the years, many developments and changes and have been applied when it comes to landing page. Using adwords landing page to be specific has become a popular move. Google is one site that uses an Adwords landing page. Pages now need to be incorporated into a functioning web site... [ More ]

Today’s prevalent use of the Internet has opened tons of doors to entrepreneurs. If you want to gain more profits, you should move your business online. Just last year, it was estimated that 5 million people did their holiday shopping online. What does this mean? It simply tells us that there is a shift in consumers’ behavior. They are eyeing more convenient options when it comes to fulfilling their needs. Fortunately, business owners are jumping on the bandwagon. A lot of business owners are starting to move their business online. This will prove to be beneficial for you in the long run... [ More ]

In the world of website copywriting, a lot can be said about how you can transform yourself into a master of words—someone who can make a random reader pull out their credit cards and buy from you. Knowing how to write web copy that can convince a reader to make a purchase is one thing, but being able to write a copy that can do it in less than 15 minutes is something! If you can persuade your readers to order after reading only your first 3 paragraphs then you are a wizard. The problem is, not all copywriters know how to do this. Most of them still struggle copywriting for the web... [ More ]

Start Your Ecommerce Website Right Starting your own ecommerce website can be very challenging. You have to get a modern website up and running, make it convey reliability, target the right audience, have the right feel, develop and implement user-friendly applications… and we haven’t even gotten into the logistics side! But don’t panic! Here at iMarketing Solutions, we’re the experts at taking hassle away from you. We have developed many ecommerce websites so we know what works and what doesn’t... [ More ]