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Banner Advertising:  A Revamped Classic

Banner Advertising Works!Banner advertising has been around nearly as long as the World Wide Web itself.  Familiar but effective, this industry standard is not only affordable, but can expand your marketing into niches not covered by other advertising methods.

How banner advertising works

Banner advertising is very similar to PPC.  The difference is primarily in the ad itself; instead of plain text, web banners use flashy graphics or animations to grab the user’s attention.  There is an increasing trend to use interactive features in banners, which may involve Java applications or similar programming tools.

Mechanically, banner advertising works in much the same way as PPC.  Like PPC, banner advertising can be managed by a large advertising network, like Google AdWords, who will distribute your ads to a variety of sites, usually through a pay per click arrangement.  However, banner advertising has traditionally been accomplished through direct partnerships with related web sites; this approach is still far more common with banner advertising than PPC, and gives you the ability to target your audience more specifically.

Common criticisms of banner advertising

Banner advertising has drawn its share of detractors; critics often complain that it distracts users from site content and is notoriously annoying, and therefore ineffective.  Some have even declared that banner advertising is dead; however, nothing could be further from the truth.

The banner advertising market did experience a slump attributable to negative user reactions, but the market has changed and adapted.  Content network restrictions by Google and other advertising networks have largely eliminated the irritating web banners of the past, clearing the way for the effective marketing tools of today.  Banner advertising is certainly alive and well, and there are several reasons you should include it in your marketing strategy:

  • It’s inexpensive. Banner advertising gives you the streamlined approach of PPC; however, the cost per click rates are typically much lower, averaging five to ten US cents.
  • It’s effective. The industry’s oldest method didn’t get where it is by being useless. Well-placed banner ads create a significant increase in traffic–in fact, surveys show that most site traffic is generated by links from other sites, making banner advertising indispensable.
  • It takes your advertising beyond search engines. Although search engine marketing techniques are important, most Internet users spend the majority of their surfing time on content sites. This is where banners shine. By advertising on related web sites, you can be certain your message is reaching consumers who already have an interest in your industry or niche, and will thus be far more likely to visit your site and buy your product.
  • It allows you to directly partner with other sites in your industry. Reciprocal linking can often be arranged free of charge; in this way, you ensure that your ads target your consumer pool while minimizing costs.

A classic never dies, and banner advertising is living proof of that statement.  Neglecting this tried-and-true marketing method will cost you considerably in terms of site traffic, so call iMarketing Solutions Australia now for a free consultation (valued at $197).  As part of an integrated marketing package, we can handle all of your banner advertising needs, including design, placement, and analysis.  You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain, so contact us today!

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