Analytics Tracking

Analytics:  Keeping on Track

Use Analytics & Tracking To Achieve Better Results!Any time you make an investment, of course you want to keep track of its performance.  Internet marketing is no different:  whatever advertising methods you use, they should go hand-in-hand with sound web analytics.

What should I be analyzing?

Web analytics tools can give you far more insight into your web site’s performance and the behavior of your clients than is possible in offline marketing.  They collect a range of pertinent data, including the total number of visitors to your site, new vs. repeat visitors, how many ads your visitors view, what parts of the site they use, and even what other sites they visit, to an extent.

Web analytics information can come from a variety of sources, including the logfiles maintained by your server, independently-recorded page tags, and HTML cookies, which are stored on a user’s browser.  A web analyst can piece this data together to draw profound conclusions about your web site’s performance and the people who are visiting it. If you know who’s visiting, you know who your selling to!

What does all this stuff mean?

Web analytics allows you to determine of the overall performance of your web site.  It lets you monitor how many new visitors you attract, and how many of them keep coming back to your site.  It can give you an idea of which content and advertising strategies are effective, as well as which ones aren’t.  This makes it particularly necessary if you use PPC or banner advertising, as it lets you keep track of which ads are creating the most traffic.

A web analyst can also give you a profile of your site visitors.  Knowing what parts of the site visitors find most useful, and what interests they have outside of your site, allows you to tailor your marketing approach to your audience.  You can focus your advertising on web sites that are popular with them, and modify your content and services to better meet their expectations.

Analytics’ best use: conversion tracking

Most importantly, web analytics allows you to determine your conversion rate.  Tracking conversions is absolutely essential in any marketing venture.  Your web site is designed with a goal in mind; whether that goal is to sell a product online or convince a customer to join your mass mailing list, keeping track of when that goal is achieved is key to gauging your site’s performance.  If for no other reason, you must make use of web analytics to track conversions.

While this all may sound highly technical, understanding web analytics is really as simple as a phone call.  iMarketing Solutions Australia will put you in touch with an experienced, highly-qualified web analyst who can both monitor your site’s data and report it to you in a way that makes it easy for you to understand the changes in your business and the steps you should be taking.  We believe that a personalized, individual approach is the best way keep our clients fully informed while avoiding the common pitfalls of data misinterpretation, so contact us for a free consultation (valued at $197).  You can rest assured that your data tracking will be handled by an expert whose first priority is your satisfaction. Contact us today!

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